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History doesn't start with a date, it starts with a name. In this case, two names. A and E. Angela and Edison Morales, two people with an idea of wanting better education for their child and offering that reality to the community of Cotabato City.

AE Child Development Center

Angela and Edison opened the A.E. Child Development Center in 1982. The rest, as often said, is history.

First Bldg

We are all


The story of the school founded by Angela and Edison remains a theme of social contribution through the years. It keeps stride with the changing decades that dictate the course of Cotabato City and the world at large. It stays ahead in its delivery of excellent quality education.

Albert Einstein School produces graduates with realized potential. These individuals continue to contribute significant changes to themselves, their families and their communities. The names of these graduates are known in the areas they lead and are historical for their significant contribution to the society.

But only few are 


Names fluctuate. They flicker in people's minds between forgotten and remembered. In as little as three generations the figures behind the names are destined to fade away, their stories lost in time. It is not so much that the founders will have their names remembered for longer that make them historic. They are not historic because they altered the destinies of their names, they are historic because they changed the destinies of people.

Edison Angela



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