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Albert Einstein School envisions to help build empowered individuals equipped with the 21st century skills through the culture of academic excellence, well-founded leadership and committed service.



AES strives to equip and advance students with competencies and skills of the 21st century that shall make them competitive, productive and responsible individuals of the country and of the world.



AES provides impartial access to learning through relevant, educational and innovative activities in the context of love, faith and charity to man and the nation.


AES nurtures students to become supreme  leaders with self-discipline and prepares them to become responsible and productive citizens.


AES believes in the Latin phrase, “Mens sana en corpore sano”, meaning a healthy mind in a healthy body;

*that every Einsteinian aims for excellence and not for mediocrity

*that every Einsteinian gives his full potential to be of service to others

*that every Einsteinian is considered a highly competitive, empowered and responsible individual ready to lead, and

*that every Einsteinian aspires for a holistic human development – mental, physical and moral. 

The AES Team

Expertise, Passion, Loyalty

These are the people that make possible the Vision and the Mission of Albert Einstein School.

Organizational Chart

SY 2023 - 2024

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