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Summer Program 2024

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A summer of growth in both mind and body.

Edison Circle


Issue # 000
A.E.Society, November 20, 2023
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Senior High School 

Changes coming in 2nd Semester (January 29, 2024)
for Years 11 & 12

Senior High School students, prepare to look your preppy best. We are a prestigious school and it's time to look the part. Don your waistcoats, fasten your tie, secure your pins. The new Seniors-only uniform will represent your seniority in the school, and your standing in the community as future leaders and model citizens.  

Public Speaking

Talks, Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and Speeches. Our Senior High School students will benefit from the expertise and wisdom of our guest speakers that will be regularly invited to augment our academic program. Public Speaking as a skill for Senior High School students will be given more time and focus with discussion-based classes and contest.

A Brand New Organization
Senior Activities

A.E.Society is a Senior High School student organization that will focus on our school's outreach programs to the underprivileged in our community. Senior High School students will take the next step forward, from leading learners to learning leaders. The organization will provide Senior High School students plenty of opportunities to practice leadership through service. 

Senior High School students will no longer be required to compete in major Intramural events like Broadway Musicals. Seniors will instead be given the role of hosts, emcees, ushers and managers for major events and assemblies. Senior students will have new Intramural activities such as Debates and Toastmasters. 

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Angela Edison Society

This organization honors and remembers the founders of Albert Einstein School.

The goal of this society is to rise to the challenge of this particular mission statement outlined in the School's Charter:

Mission C: Quality Leadership

AES nurtures students to become supreme leaders with self-discipline and prepares them to become responsible and productive citizens.

A.E.Society is Albert Einstein School's outreach organization tasked on helping and giving back to the community of Cotabato City, the original hometown of Einsteinians. 100% of funds raised by this organization and the breakdown of project expenses will be posted in the school's website in the spirit of transparency, responsible accounting, and respectable governance.

Officers, members, and benefactors of this society will be credited with their names and projects in the society page and various social media platforms connected to the school.

Senior High School students will compose the officers and the members of this society. They will represent our Alma Mater when carrying outreach programs and projects. Officer positions will be distributed to both Years 11 and 12.


A.E.Society will provide our Senior High School students opportunities to practice public service and give charity to the underprivileged. The experience will serve as model and reminder that the calling of being a leader is the calling to serve, and when the time comes A.E.Society officers and members become public officials and contributing citizens in the country and beyond, they will act as responsible public servants and productive community members. 

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Sir Ed's Applause

Edison Excellis

For Students Entering
Senior High School 
School Year 2024 to 2025
Loyalty Recognition
Year 10, Batch of the Giants
10% discount to tuition fees for Loyalty Recognition of 4 to 9 years in AES
20% discount to tuition fees for Loyalty Recognition of 10 years or more
A.E.S. Top 2 Students
Year 10, Batch of the Giants
Full tuition fee scholarship will be awarded when enrolling for Years 11 and 12.
Other Schools Top 2 Students
Full tuition fee scholarship will be granted when enrolling for the Year 11 and full tuition fee scholarship granted for Year 12 if student remained in the Honors during Year 11.
*Subject to availability. Classes are capped at 40 students. Availability is on a first come first serve basis.
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A World of Pure Imagination

For N, K, Years 1 to 12

Story Festival Arrives April 19

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Announcements Letters

November 6, 2023

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