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The significance and future of SHS at AES

Discover the changes coming to Senior High School as we align the programs of Senior Life to the challenges of the outside community.

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Founder of AES. Sir Edison Morales.

Founded by parents who demanded high quality education not present in Cotabato City, Albert Einstein School was established in 1982.

Albert Einstein School commits to a strong culture of excellence in academics, arts, leadership, punctuality and courtesy. Our graduates proceed to the top universities in the country and beyond. The school motto, Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, is a heritage imparted to all students.


Since its foundation, the School, the Einsteinians, and its community continue to be integral leaders and citizens of Cotabato, the country, and the global stage. 

Our Campus

The school accepts students from Nursery, Kindergarten, Years 1 to 12.

Year levels are capped at 40 students per class for optimal learning environment.