JS Prom 2017: A Ravishing Night at Golden Globes

     Ever wondered how is it like to be in an awards night? How it feels like to be walking on the red carpet? Looking your best and having to spend the entire night with music and good company of friends? We, the juniors and the seniors experienced more than just luxury, as with every event that this school has held, we enjoyed every minute of it. We also got to make great memories that we could cherish for the rest of our lives, particularly after graduating.

     On the 25th of February this year, the last Saturday of the month, the Junior-Senior Promenade took place at the Albert Einstein School’s Gymnasium.  This year’s Prom was themed “Golden Globe awards” with dances inspired by the movie La La Land. This prestigious event was hosted by Margarita Yu Ekey and Aron Sinsuat.

     A few weeks before the event, both participants, the Juniors and the Seniors made huge preparations to assure the success of the Prom. One of these preparations is the polishing of the dances that we will be performing at the event, the dances were choreographed by Mr. Cristopher Acosta. The rest of the provisions were prepared by the students such as the sashes, the candle stands, and the banner of each class. Also, the fact that the Dreamers prepared consolation prizes for those who didn’t receive any of the awards makes it a win-win situation in a certain way, because who on earth wouldn’t want a jar full of sweet treats?

     It has been a worth beholding for the juniors and seniors to witness the lucky students who will get various awards on this momentous event. Further, Sir Edison Morales, the school director, announced the students who got minor and major awards. Indeed, it’s the elegance and aesthetic features of Zoejill Sinsuat and Mohammad Arimao that captivated Sir Ed and even the crowd. As the sheer excitement came out, Aminah Alauya and Julhussein Tagadaya I were hailed the prom king and prom queen.

     From the response that we got from the audience, the parents, the teachers, especially sir Ed, it is extremely fulfilling, as we feel that all of the efforts that we have exerted to make sure that everyone will have the best time of their lives and to make this year’s JS Prom an unforgettable one, have all paid off.

     After the event, we, the Dreamers realized that we only have a few days left till we move up, that we make it to a point where we should be making the most out of our remaining days. One down and a few more events to go before we finally bid our goodbyes. So, cheers to more successful events in the future as well as more memories to share!



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