National Youth Science, Technology and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC) is a four-day event for high school students featuring lectures, interactive workshops, team-building activities, contests, socialization events, educational trips, and a pledge to the science clubbing movement.

     This year’s summer camp theme was aerodynamics and the following: weather forecasting, transportation, energy conversion, and animal aviation. The camp was held in Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel in Lucban, Quezon last July 24-27, 2017 which were participated by thirty-three participants including the two camp advisers, Ma’am Omairah Yusop and Ma’am Apasrah Tabujara.

     AES participated in three contests including the School Quiz Competition, Essay Writing Competition, and Silhouette Dance Competition. The school once again won first place in the Dance Competition after four years. The dancers are Mohammad Arimao, Kundo Pahm, Shuaib Malik, Hamvali Sharief, Nasrodin Ibrahim, Al-Ghazi Sinsuat, Shajed Ko, Sufyan Taha, Adjznur Esmael, Jibriel Tawakal, Bimbo Sinsuat, Zoeijill Sinsuat, Alliyah Mandi, Baiyenna Dimaren, Zarreen Datukon, Shariyah Sinsuat, Sharene Ampatuan, Alayeza Alibaer, and Princess Bagundang. Likewise, Shamim Limbona made history by being in the third place for the first time Albert Einstein School had in an Essay Writing Competition.

     May the legacy continue to the succeeding years. To the awardees, job well-done!. During the camp, campers were divided into different groups with each having a “Best Bata” for being the best camper in showing leadership and being active during the camp’s events. This year, four participants were awarded, which were Al-Ghazi Sinsuat, Alayeza Alibaer, Caitlyn Carim, and Jannah Sinsuat.



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