Amigohanay is a traditional event of our school wherein new students and teachers are being formally welcomed. As it is a part of our tradition, the Central Student Council organized this year’s Amigohanay with lots of exciting activities last June 30, 2017 at AES Gymnasium.

     This year’s Amigohanay was officially opened when Central Student Council President, Shamim Limbona, gave her welcome address. The program was filled with joy as the Einsteinians warmly welcomed the new comers. The new students showed their talents in dancing and singing while the crowd enjoyed watching them. The excitement of the pupils and students were showed up when all of the classes participated in the games the club prepared. At the end of the day, it’s noticeable that the bond among the new students with the old ones started to strengthen.

     Aside from these, new members of the faculty who were Sir Samsudin Parudso, Ma’am Normaina Tiban, Ma’am Jembrah Abas, Ma’am Phoebe Corpuz, and Ma’am Nur-in Mohammad were also introduced. The new teachers also presented an outstanding number showcasing their talents. They shared their hidden golden voices which earned cheers and astounding applause. The audiences thought that their performances were superb. Undeniably, they deserve to be in our family.

     Further, the search of Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay 2017 draws the whole attention of the crowd. The Einsteinians themselves were the one who decided who will obtain these titles. The winners were chosen by the Einsteinians by casting their votes for their favorite new comer from each department. Finally, Mujahid Malik and Alyssa Mandi were crowned as 2017 Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay for the high school department. In the Intermediate School Department, Mohammad Ampatuan and Alliyah Mendenilla were declared as the Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay-Intermediate Department. And in the Primary School Division, Sajid Ampatuan and Aleta Sinsuat were stated as the Mr. and Ms. Amigohanay-Primary Department. They really showed they deserve it by standing out over the other new comers of their own division.

      Amigohanay had brought so much fun in each Einsteinian especially to the new comers. Indeed, Amigohanay ala Legends would surely have a special place in our hearts.



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