Albert Einstein School is well-known for its academic excellence by providing high quality education, which were proven by its academic achievements through the years, from local competitions to national levels. The school aspires to furnish and propel students with abilities that shall make them competitive, profitable, and mindful individuals of the nation and of the world. The school aims to enhance the students’ knowledge academically that would gather learning that every student should have. AES believes in the Latin phrase, “mens sana en corpore sano”, meaning a healthy mind in a healthy body. The school believes that physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological well-being.

     AES has established academic excellence for 35 years, and aims to attain more in the future. For the past years since of learning here in Albert Einstein School, I was both impressed and challenged by the system of education. Indeed, I have gained productive skills, and learned many interesting things. Albert Einstein School strives to make students see that they can be more of what they are now as a person. The school influences the students to have the potential to become a great achiever by having the mind that can lead you to success, and a soul to cling on to elevate yourself to achieve more. A student with intellect and spirit, those are the qualities a true Einsteinian has.

     Former graduates of the school have their own professions nowadays. Some became doctors, politicians, lawyers, engineers, and many more. However, there are alumni who made names for themselves not only in the country, but internationally.

     Albert Einstein School has contributed many things to the society so as we celebrate the school’s 35th foundation anniversary this October, we should value AES’s legacy through the years. We should cherish the school’s legacy because it truly became beneficial with our lives. The journey of the school has influenced many individuals who are longing for success, that’s why we should appreciate its significance. “Education is the key to success”, and AES has given a part of it for us as students or pupils. Let us continue the legacy because we have what it takes to become determined achievers, responsible individuals, and most of all, as a true Einsteinian.



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