Breaking Glass Ceilings

     Representing Albert Einstein School as an essayist never came to me. I never thought that I would enter this national essay writing competition. Suddenly, I learned from a classmate that it was agreed by the teachers that I will be one of the two representatives to compete for the essay writing competition. I was taken by surprise because I always thought that I would join the cultural dance competition. I had a few sleepless nights, to be honest, trying to decide between the two things that I love to do.   

     Voicing this opinion to my mother, she pushed me to choose the essay competition. She said that representing my school as an individual is a privilege for me and Erin. Her reasoning was too good that I was stuck. I then decided to just leave the decision to the faculty.                

     To be acknowledged for my writing skills was an honor. Knowing that our shadow dancers were pushing themselves to their limits and spending sleepless nights, I was also motivated to do my best. With the pride of the school and the faith of my classmates, I took the pen.                 

     Attaining to place 3rd in the National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp Essay Writing Competition was unforgettably unexpected. As I hear my airbus mates' congratulations and my fellow Einstenians' screams of joy, I felt a profound sense of disbelief. I was in a daze. Alhamdulillah! Those outlines Mom made me do was worth it. Painstaking, but worth it. It is the first time in Albert Einstein School history to take a place in a national essay writing competition. For that achievement, I will say that everything was definitely worth it.




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