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Being given something remarkable, may it be an appreciation, a praise, or a reward, is a thing that we can bring as we go further in our lives. It signifies our prowess as an individual of what we are capable of in certain aspects. It provides us the sense of pride and give us immense bliss that we are being appreciated for what we have accomplished.

 On the 26th day of July, the most awaited summer camp for the batch of the Peacemakers 2019 finally commenced! Camp 2018 with the theme “CONFIGURE: Hustle. Thrive. Survive.” gave the Einsteinians the chance to explore and discover what Science could offer in more indelible ways. Einstenians experienced being independent as well as their social skills were developed through coming out of their comfort zones. They felt mixed emotions upon entering the hall and seeing numerous people brought them immense excitement because the Philippine Science of Youth Summer Camp prepared a stupendous opening program inside the beauteous hall for all of the campers, and it was indeed marvelous.

 On the morning of July 27, 2018, the Peacemakers started their second day merrily as it was the final round for the fitness trial, the school quiz competition. The day started with the sessions assembly and the quizzers were introduced. After 10 easy questions, 10 average questions, and 10 difficult questions, Bea Samantha Masmodi and Datu Aron Yzra Sinsuat from Albert Einstein School emerged as the Second Runner Up of the said competition. After that certain program, the Peacemakers and the 2 coaches (advisers) met their fellow players (subcampers) and the first game tutorial (lecture) began. With the help of Mr. Clyde Silverio, a professional licensed nutritionist-dietitian and one of the beta-testers (speakers), the players did gain some knowledge about bioenergetics as he explained how a human body transforms energy from the food we intake. Following the mind-blowing lecture, the first boss challenge (workshop) commenced. Each court was set to experiment about substrates and how they are reacting to enzymes. The workshop lasted for less than 1 hour and the courts got ready for their first lunch together.

 Let’s go AES! Let’s go! – On the 3rd day of the camp, last July 28, the Peacemakers had their game face on and were ready for the “Grand Olympics”. Each subcamp prepared their own strategies and techniques to decipher the code given by professor Calyxo. Then after the strenuous activity, all of the schools prepared for the “Entertainment Night” to showcase their pride and talents, and Einsteinians owned the national stage! Albert Einstein School made history by landing first place in the cosplay competition.

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