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     Teachers been our second parents who moulded us not only intellectually but also morally. We are so glad that we, the students of Albert Einstein School, are very lucky to have these special persons with us, who are always there to lead and guide us to the track we are about to traverse.

     The AES community celebrates its annual teachers and workers day every March 14. At the start, the Dreamers, headed by the Senior Class Association president, Timothy Areola, initiated a grand entry in honor to the Administrators, Faculty and Staff and Workers.  Not only that, each class prepared their own numbers as a simple tribute for their teachers. The youngest group, Beginners Division presented a dance and choral numbers, the Primary Division prepared a poetry recital and a dance number, the Junior Division performed choral and dance number of 2000 and the Senior Division readied a skit, choral and K-pop dances.  Each class did their best to make their teachers happy and delighted.

     After all classes performed their numbers, the members of the administration, faculty and staff and workers, will not let the day ends without stepping on the stage, performing series of songs and dances.  They only proved that, they are not only good inside the classroom, but also they can perform well on stage.  Yahoo to our dear Teachers.

     To finally close the program, Sir Edison Morales, our School Director, announced the best numbers, special mention to the Grade 10 and Grade 9, who exceptionally did great performance.  And of course, The Grade 8 class was recognized for presenting something new (MIME) and creative number, while in the elementary school, the best performer was the Grade Three class.

     We should always, give thanks to our teachers, for their unending love to teach each one of us.  We salute to the great teachers of Albert Einstein School!

     Ever wondered how is it like to be in an awards night? How it feels like to be walking on the red carpet? Looking your best and having to spend the entire night with music and good company of friends? We, the juniors and the seniors experienced more than just luxury, as with every event that this school has held, we enjoyed every minute of it. We also got to make great memories that we could cherish for the rest of our lives, particularly after graduating.

     On the 25th of February this year, the last Saturday of the month, the Junior-Senior Promenade took place at the Albert Einstein School’s Gymnasium.  This year’s Prom was themed “Golden Globe awards” with dances inspired by the movie La La Land. This prestigious event was hosted by Margarita Yu Ekey and Aron Sinsuat.

     A few weeks before the event, both participants, the Juniors and the Seniors made huge preparations to assure the success of the Prom. One of these preparations is the polishing of the dances that we will be performing at the event, the dances were choreographed by Mr. Cristopher Acosta. The rest of the provisions were prepared by the students such as the sashes, the candle stands, and the banner of each class. Also, the fact that the Dreamers prepared consolation prizes for those who didn’t receive any of the awards makes it a win-win situation in a certain way, because who on earth wouldn’t want a jar full of sweet treats?

     It has been a worth beholding for the juniors and seniors to witness the lucky students who will get various awards on this momentous event. Further, Sir Edison Morales, the school director, announced the students who got minor and major awards. Indeed, it’s the elegance and aesthetic features of Zoejill Sinsuat and Mohammad Arimao that captivated Sir Ed and even the crowd. As the sheer excitement came out, Aminah Alauya and Julhussein Tagadaya I were hailed the prom king and prom queen.

      Hail to the Math wizards of Albert Einstein School!

     AES students and pupils gave another heart-warming legacy to the institution for victoriously getting the first place in all grade levels during Metrobank Math Challenge (MBMC) Division Written Elimination at Notre Dame Village Central Elementary School last February 16-17, 2017.

    The contestants for the MBMC took a lot of time to review and consider the things they needed in the competition. For that, their countless and endless efforts were already paid off. This triumph was made possible  by Misha Candao and Obaid Usop of grade one, Zarhean Ante and Anwar Macalawan of grade two, Aleyah Escander and Maximo Guillermo III of grade three, Princess Hassan and Sajeedah Lucas of grade four, Elysa Buisan and Yassin Arimao of grade five, Khassandra Gani and Aragorn Javelosa of grade six, Meilsha Maniri and Shahanna Sabang of grade seven, Bea Masmodi and Nurfaiden Mangelen of  grade eight, Yasser Arimao and Kundo Pahm III of grade nine, Aime Gepte and Scheindra Ibad of grade ten.

     In addition, the two contestants of each grade level will face the next challenge of the MBMC, the orals. This achievement is indeed worth-remembering for. In behalf of the Einsteinians, I salute your determination and perseverance! Job well done Math wizards!

     Albert Einstein School participated in the “Division Training for Private School Heads and Grade Five Teachers on K to 12 Program” at Cotabato City Division Office Conference Room last July 1 to 4, 2016.  Five teachers were sent headed by the principal, Ma’am Florence Buat.

     The said training was participated by 27 private schools of Cotabato City wherein each school was well represented with a total of 44-teacher participants.

     The Department of Education (DepEd) -Cotabato City initiated this In-service Training (INSET) for Grade 5 teachers to develop their teaching strategies and skills whenever they have to dwell with their students in the upcoming academic classes.

     Different speakers for each Grade Five curriculum were school heads from the different public schools in Cotabato City.  Each speaker discussed and shared the salient features of each curriculum, its challenges and the demands.  Furthermore, the curriculum framework, the scope of the lessons and the curriculum guides were also introduced and discussed.

     Five (5) teachers from AES actively participated in the 4-day In-Service Training, “This 4-day In-Service Training is really an indispensable instrument for AES to accomplish our vision, mission and our greatest aspirations to our graduates for we are preparing them to be globally competitive” Ma’am Florence G. Buat, attendee, and the school principal of Albert Einstein School uttered. “This is also a great experience for us teachers to engage ourselves in this kind of event” she added.

     Indeed, the aforementioned event was successfully ended as Dr. Belinda L. Distor, Education Program Specialist of DepEd-Cotabato City, gave her closing remarks.

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